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How 123movies Became The Best Online Streaming Website

One of the popular names of online streaming websites is 123 movies. Established in 2015, the online streaming platform quickly became everyone’s favorite. Many such websites were already in existence but the domain rose to fame quickly. It was termed as the ‘most popular illegal site’ in 2018 and lives up to the title today as well.

The online platform has seen its fair share of ups and downs. Indeed, it means to provide a free space for users to share and watch various forms of entertainment. Though, the idea did not go well with the entertainment industry worldwide and the anti-copyright. It has been taken down several times. 123 movies has changed its domain name, too to avoid being taken down.

Regardless of the opposition and penal actions, the domain ‘123 movies’ lives through many clone sites. It still witnesses a footfall of millions every day and continues to expand its user base. The newly launched sites include more movies and TV shows, therefore, improving after every setback. The platform will continue to run and provide its users with free online streaming services.

Is 123 Movies A VOD Platform?

As a usual internet user, it is a platform where anyone can find the movie they are looking for. Though, unlike VOD platforms, 123 movies is a file streaming website. Instead of having its collection of videos, it acts as a medium between the user and the provider. The end-users could access a large collection of all the movies online and play them. Therefore, 123 movies links end-users to the website where they can find the movie they are searching for.

123 Movies does not charge any money to the users. It provides free streaming services and download links. Most of the VOD platforms demand a subscription fee for providing video content. The website, in principle, stays a file streaming website. All the clone websites follow the same principle. Only the fake ones, who aim to dupe the users, claim to provide other services. If users wish to view the content for free, 123 Movies is the site to visit.

How Does It Provide The Users With A Large Collection Of Video Content? 123 movies offer several links by compiling them in order. It acts as an index by providing various search options. It links the end-user to various third-parties who provide the desired video content. Users can visit the links, stream the content or choose to download it. Different websites offer different quality, bit-rate, and soundtrack.

The platform provides a multitude of options for enjoying video content. Therefore, the platform does not provide the movies per se. It rather provides links to where users can watch whatever they are looking for. It acts as a directory more than a storage space. Users could choose to search for the links through a search engine but it will prove ineffective. 123 Movies only provide genuine links.

The site only links the user to their desired movie. It does not have any particular content of its own. Users are either redirected or they can simply stream the movies and TV shows directly. Therefore, 123 movies act as a reservoir of links to all the free websites to help users find the right link to a stream, play or download. This makes it convenient for viewers as all the links are available in one place. Instead of opening numerous tabs, users can search for them in one place.

Has 123movieshub Been Taken Down Ever?

One of the usual concerns of users is that the platform is taken down frequently. It is because it does not have the legal right to show or play the video content it provides. In March 2018, the site was shut down and it displayed a message to respect filmmakers and to pay for movies and TV shows. This came after the then US Ambassador to Vietnam in 2017 insisted on shutting down illegal streaming websites and especially mentioned 123 movies.

Despite the shutdowns, 123 Movies always made a comeback. This has earned the trust of its many users. It has also operated through other domain names. One of the popular ones includes ‘GoStream.’ It has also used other domain names with slight changes to the original one. As of now, it has gone back to ‘123movies’ and continues to operate with the same.

The platform was able to avoid the penal actions for so long as it used various steps to hide the identity of the operator. Regardless, the agencies were aware that it was operated from Vietnam itself. According to the Motion Picture Association of America, the website received around 98 million visitors per month. Therefore, it is always on the watchlist and faces shutdown frequently.

Can You Still Access 123 Movies?

Since its shutdown, there have been many clone sites to continue to serve the users. The new 123 movies is more or less the same. In fact, it has been able to avoid the anti-copyright authorities for so long which makes it a notch better. It still hosts all the video content that users require. It has improved in many areas and keeps updating to provide viewers with great user experience.

The new website offers a huge collection of movies. These include Hollywood, Bollywood, and regional movies. They include the blockbusters, classics, franchises, and so forth. Therefore, the platform has expanded its base and included video content for all. Even regional movies in the original soundtrack can be viewed.

The platform has retained its simplicity by offering a decent homepage. Users can look up for whatever movie they are searching for, in the search bar. The site provides an extensive search option to make it easier to find the right link. The search option makes it easier for viewers to land on the right link. Users also have the option to jump to the movies section. If they cannot decide which movie to watch, they can access the whole list of movies to check. Moreover, there is another section of TV series where all the shows can be found. All of the content can be downloaded in high quality though; the streaming is set at 480p. The resolution is good and does not interfere with the entertainment sought.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of The 123Movieshub.Eu?

The website started off well. It has gone several changes but the basic outlay remains the same. The numerous takedowns have strengthened the security on the website. There are other improvements, too that followed:

  • The website is easier to operate now. There are no lags or troubles. All the desired links appear almost instantly. Many links are offered for the same movie title. They are available in different qualities and languages.
  • The search bar provides several filters. It is easier to look for the desired link which makes it effective and better. Viewers are often concerned with the nuances. With an optimized search, it is easy to find the right type of video.
  • The user interface is better and improved. The website focuses on providing users with the required video content. The simple design and easy operability make it convenient.
  • There are more movies and TV shows to be found. The website was launched with almost unlimited links to video content in different languages and from different studios. Not every website is perfect. Regardless of the improvements, there are certain drawbacks. The services are free of cost and the drawbacks can be neglected. Also, they are minimal, considering the extensive database 123 movies has to offer:
  • The website requires resources to run. To earn it, it has started to display many ads. The ads are frequent and could prove annoying. They mostly appear on clicking on links or during streaming.
  • Users cannot play movies in HD if their internet is slow. The streaming quality reduces automatically and nothing can be done about it. Though, the quality does not stoop down to the lowest.

Is 123 Movies Legal In Any Country?

As a general rule, people are not allowed to share copyrighted content with a large audience. Streaming movies without permission is illegal. Therefore, 123 Movies is not legal anywhere. Though, the general public enjoys free content. Instead of going to theatres or paying monthly charges for VOD services, users can stream or download the content for free. There are no hidden charges either. You can enjoy the movie anytime and anywhere.

The domain has faced legal battles in many countries. It has been shut down but it comes back. Many clone websites claim to be original. However, not all of them are real. These fake websites do provide an advantage to 123 movies and users. While the original domain is shut down, users can access the fake ones that can be trusted. Users should always be cautious if they are using fake websites. Most of these aim to extract personal data that could pose problems. The domain provides free-of-charge services to the users. It does not pay any share to the original developer or publisher of the movies or TV shows. It aims to serve the end-users who find it difficult or expensive to access the video content. Many original websites have, therefore, been shut down. The newly launched ones are easy to access and are uploaded within no time.

Are All The Clone Websites Real?

The website was a goldmine. It was receiving more than 90 million users per month. Right after it was shut down, many fake websites appeared on the internet. These websites wanted to cash in on the opportunity and make use of the fame of 123 movies. Despite the re-launch of the website, there are still several fake ones. They are copies of the original domain but have different extensions. One can differentiate between fake websites and the original platform. It can be done by keeping in mind the following pointers:

  • Instead of letting the users access the site for free, the fake ones would demand of you to enable notifications of another website. The real one does not make any such demand.
  • If the website redirects you to a large advertisement, it is fake. The original ones often display ads on their homepage and the search page. They could also appear at the time of streaming but it does not redirect you anywhere.
  • You will be asked to make an account. The original website has no such compulsion and users can stream the movies without making an account. An account is not needed to stream or download the movies.
  • The fake website would ask you to download suspicious files or software. 123 Movies is a website and not an application. Therefore, nothing needs to be downloaded to use the website.
  • The fake ones show adult advertisements that are not safe for view. They are uploaded to attract traffic and not to share free movies or TV shows.

Does 123 Movies Interfere With Your Privacy?

No, the original platform does not interfere with your privacy. Nor, it asks the user to download any software or application. The platform provides a repository of links to various websites where you can stream or download movies. It is advisable to download the latest movies only after a few weeks have passed since their release.

123 Movies only provides links to other websites. They are not verified. So, it can be said that the platform indirectly could interfere with your privacy. If it is providing the services for free, you anyway carry an attached risk. By installing good anti-virus software, the risks can be reduced greatly and the website becomes safer.

There are many fake websites that mimic 123 movies. If the user ends up on one of them, their data could be compromised. Therefore, users need to be wary of the domain they are visiting. Instead of downloading movies, it is advisable to stream them. Moreover, no personal details are required by the original website and the users should not enter them anywhere.

Is 123 Movies The Best Platform To Stream Movies?

There is also a risk of losing personal data. The platform does not verify all the links. It is left to individual user’s discretion to determine right from wrong. Therefore, if safety is one of your concerns, it is advisable to go for paid VOD services. Moreover, downloading or sharing copyrighted content without permission could land you in trouble. Though, that is hardly the case anywhere. Can 123 Movies Be Accessed In The US?

Many countries who do not take privacy seriously have not taken strict action against 123 Movies. The US takes strict and prompt action against violation of copyrights and thus, 123 movies is banned there. It cannot be accessed easily and users require making use of proxy websites to access the platform. There are other ways, too. It can also be accessed through clone websites but they are taken down frequently.

In the US, cases relating to the sharing of copyrighted content are frequent. Therefore, users need to be wary while accessing the domain and sharing the downloaded content. The US was responsible for the initial action against the domain. It was the first one to realize the popularity of 123 Movies and has since acted to shut it down.

The Best Online Streaming Website

Since its inception in 2015, it has seen various ups and downs. Many agencies have made continuous efforts to take down the original domain. It is illegal in many countries and regions. In spite of the actions, the domain has made a recovery. It continues to enrich the user experience and provide better links to the users. The result of this is that it continues to receive millions of visitors. Thus, it has established itself as one of the best online streaming websites.

For all the movie lovers who cannot afford to watch every movie. Also, for all the people who would rather sit back home and watch movies, 123 movies is the perfect platform. It links the user to a ton of websites that let them stream or download the movies for free. This comes at a cost of security. Though, if the users are wary, any threat can be avoided. Visit the original domain now and stream movies in high-quality.